Technology To Reduce Human Error

The world has never been more connected. And learning has never been smarter. YouFactors® puts connectivity at the centre of error reduction on any device (browser or mobile) – anytime, anywhere.

Your Learning Journey in a Digital World

YouFactors® puts the power to change behaviours and reduce errors in the palm of your employees’ hands. It is a journey-based approach with easy-to-understand micro-learning modules paired with regular reminders and habit-building tools that foster genuine behavioural change – not just at work but in life overall.



A series of interactive courses build the foundation with basic concepts and teach simple tools and techniques to reduce human errors.


Refresher Capsules

Weekly push notifications direct you to 3- to 5-minute micro-learning content that keeps the concepts fresh and begins to build habits.


Self-Triggering Tool

An easy way to periodically take a moment and check in with your state of mind and body – at any time and before any type of activity you are about to start.


Near Miss Reporting Tool

A simple way to reflect on your incidents – how they could have been worse and how they could have been avoided. What you learn helps you and is also shared with your organisation to identify and change persistent problems.


Private Social Media Community

A social media-style feed provides a virtual space where you can share your stories, collaborate, influence and advocate, and where managers can channel targeted top-down communication.

Implementation, Monitoring and Integration

YouFactors® implementation and integration tools track each individual’s change in behaviour and also drive a cultural change within the entire organization, for long-term, sustainable results. Tools and reports are available on your company’s YouFactors® site.


A task-oriented tool that addresses each step of implementation, from setting up a team to effective communication and integration of human error reduction concepts into your organisation.

Learning Assessment

“Before” and “after” assessments reveal employee perceptions of safety and human-related errors, and make it easy to analyse training effectiveness.


Reports and dynamic dashboards show the status of completion, manage the learning journey, and ensure data insights throughout the process.

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