Choose the right plan for you

Talk to us to learn how YOUFactors fits into your organisation and which plan works best for you.
This learning-management system has been designed to integrate with what is already working for you.


3-month free access

Your opportunity to experience YOUFactors

  • Access to a subset of YOUFactors content and features for a limited time and user group
  • Available upon request


24-month subscription

A great start for reducing human error

  • Full access to YOUFactors platform features and content
  • Onboarding support for YOUFactors Administrator
  • Coaching support to get started available on request and charged at a daily fee


48-month subscription

A commitment to sustainable human error reduction

  • All elements of “BUILD” package
  • Ongoing access to all digital learning and training platform features
  • Additional content and features for Years 2, 3 and 4
  • Includes bespoke coaching support in Years 2, 3 and 4 (up to 2 days per year)

How does it work?

YOUFactors streamlines the implementation of behavioural change
through a three-step process.

Implementation Workshops

Led by a YOUFactors consultant, prioritise user motivation for successful implementation.

Building Skills & Better Habits

Users access key features for learning and practicing skills in the YOUFactors journey, with optional personalised consulting.

Sustain Success!

Users receive ongoing training modules, nudges and customised coaching to sustain skills and habits.